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OPINION| South Africans are more civilized in driving compared to Zimbabweans

I dream of a Zimbabwe where a driver respects not only others, but themselves too like in SA, we can’t call ourselves a nation with a high literacy rate when we don’t have the ability to apply common sense on our roads, gailure to do so defines our total brokenness as a people

Zimbabwe should adopt a stop system used by South Africans, the give way system doesnt work. All intersections without traffic lights should have a stop system, that way people will gradually learn how to be responsible, the highway code and driving requirements should be revised. For instance, Most Zimbabwean drivers dont know that the inner lane in a dual carriage is for overtaking. Drive from Marondera to Harare, you see somebody moving at 40km per comfortable in the inner lane until they get to Harare and you wonder why. Its just a total mess, worse most people are just buying licences, they dont know all these thingsI have said it so many times that South Africans are more civilized, wise than Zimbabweans in many ways they don't tolerate nonsense, they will never celebrate the construction of a road, bridge or hospital by government because they know it's their money and it's what they voted those people for, on intersection as motorists they respect each other unlike ZimbabweansBut again, I think it has to do with the old road highway code of 1974 that is still in use in Zim. In Bots, SA and Namibia the rule that applies at an uncontrolled intersection is that you give way to the first car, to arrive at the intersection. In Zim they still use the give way to cars on the right rule and this does not work, at a busy uncontrolled intersection. There is need for the government to review these old regulations. Zimbabwean drivers we are selfish like their leaders no one wants to wait for anyone, South African drivers are excellent. South Africa may be bad in other things but when it comes to stop signs, round about and give way scenarios, drivers take it serious with respect. But in Zimbabwe, It once took me about an hour to pass Mbudzi round about, drivers need to to be patient and respectful

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