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Latest News| Should Masechaba describe Mama Jackie's house as she demands her to do so?

Mama Jackie is waiting for Masechaba.


Sources: Buzz Life News Twitter page

Things are getting heated between Jubjub's mother and Masechaba. Masechaba has been demanded to describe the house and the room that she was raped in by Jubjub. Honestly Mama Jackie will never know all the things that her son was doing in the past. I am definitely sure that there are some of the things that Jubjub kept from her mother especially about his relationships. If this incident has hurt Masechaba that much, i am sure that she will remember how the house looks like even if it has been redecorated now.

As Masechaba can see that Many South African do not believe her story, i think she should just do what Mama Jackie is asking or else South Africans will never believe her no matter what other scandals she found herself involved in. Masechaba has done a lot of things that South Africans prove so many times that she is lying, that is why even now she is not believed by anyone. Masechaba needs to tdo damage control because i am sure that she is not lying and looking for an attention especially about rape.

Masechaba only said that Jubjub has raped her few years ago but she did not specify whether they were in the middle of a relationship or not. Cases like this one if someone was in the relationship but got raped it is hard for the justice system to resolve, because they not know who is lying and who is telling the truth. If Masechaba wanted people to know that Jubjub once raped her then why did she waited for so long. She should have gone to the police other than announcing it on the social media. Currently she is not everyone's favorite person.

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