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SANDF busted a vehicle smuggled to Zimbabwe

The South Africans will go out of their way, or to any lengths to assassinate the character of Zimbabweans. A lot of them are coming with the fabricated stories, I know that we don't like our brothers and sisters, but we are stooping so low to come to this level of trying to make them look bad by all means.

Videos are going throughout all social media platforms, videos where pastors are having scandals, videos were people have been murdered, videos with illegal alms dealing and other items smuggled. They are always saying it's the Zimbabweans. Like as if the Zimbabweans are the only foreigners that are in South Africa.

South africa, I don't know what has sparkled in the hatred of South Africa towards Zimbabweans. The nation of South Africa, and the nation of Zimbabwe are too close to each other and they're a lot of South Africans in Zimbabwe, there are also a lot of Zimbabweans in SA. They can easily come to each other's rescue, especially when one of them need help, or in trouble, but the relationship is becoming sour because the leaders are allowing themselves to be controlled by their own citizens.

So there is need for unity, the feud going on between the South Africans and the Zimbabweans must be solved amicably. People must bare in mind that we are all nomads on this Earth. We are all passing by, we are teanants, you see an ignorant person would think that anything that is in this world belongs to them, but if we see reality, we don't have control of anything.

The xenophobic arguments and fights are not necessary, the feud between these two nations it is not worth it. The Bible says, "the world and all that is in it belongs to God. If you can bare that in mind, you can have a better treatment of the next person because you are also a tenant.

SANDF busted a vehicle smuggled to Zimbabwe 

The South African National Defence Force (SANDF) members of four Artillery Regiment, confiscated this expensive Club Cab Toyota Hilux valued at R520 000.00 at Gumbu mine, while the smugglers were trying to smuggle it to Zimbabwe. 


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