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Mpumalanga Poisoned Man Exposed His Killers Before His Death

PHELENDABA - A man dies following poisoning in Phelendaba, Mpumalanga. According to information received The deceased man was poisoned earlier this week and before his death, he allegedly exposed for people who were behind his death. His community members were already looking forward to dealing with the four suspects behind this death, but police are already on the scene dealing with the matter and they ordered peace.

Communities work very fast in dealing with criminals and make them pay, but when it comes to poorly they have to follow their rules and make sure that they first find evidence before arresting someone. Hopefully whoever this man told was recording the whole incident, so that police will just arrest the four suspects without any questions asked.

Obviously we as community members have to allow and let police do their job, it is easier that way because police make sure that they first find out if the person really committed the crime or not time.

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