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Video : Zimbabwean Ran Out Of Luck As This Happened To Them

The video shows an incident where a group of zimbabweans are being taken out of a certain building by police while surrounded by a lot of South Africans. It is quite clear that they were clueless about what is happening outside which is why they had surprised looks on their faces. Police received a tip-off from the South Africans who are surrounding the area about the group of zimbabweans and they seem to be a lot it is not even clear if they were from Zimbabwe or planning to go out of South Africa.

The only thing that is clear is that these people are undocumented and they are residing in this country illegally. There are many illegal foreign nationals in this country and South Africans are tired of them because they are the ones who connect the most violent crimes. These South African citizens were happy that finally police worked with them and getting rid of illegal foreign immigrants because the government is failing and the officials at the border posts are also failing due to corruption, as they let the foreign immigrants enter this country easily without any sweat but money.

Police are always urging members of the public to report whenever they see a criminal activity happening in the area so that the criminals will be gotten rid of in no time. As it is these people that have been arrested are going to spend some time behind cells and you can imagine how it is for people who have never been there especially some of these people sing like young children. This will be a lesson to many of them and they will ensure that they will never travel to another country without any proper documentation. What's your take on this matter? Share on the comment section.

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