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Rest in Peace Tamryn-Generations

Dr Konono had an agreement with Tamryn that she will sell her kidney. The final price was R1 million. She changed her mind unfortunately it was too late. They took her kidney against her will. Kabisi Moroka is now getting better with the help of Tamryn's kidney. Little did he know that the his new kidney cost someone's life. A piece of Tamaryn's liver was taken.

Nohle is devastated about the news of Tamryn's passing. She really loved her.They were supposed to meet the day Tamarym got kidnapped.

People are complaining that this chapter is encouraging and promoting women abuse. This is going to discourage people not to donate blood.

Ever since Kumkani came back,he is eating human organs. This organ harvesting is the new crime on Generations. Pele enjoyed a meal prepared by Kumkani's wife. We are all wondering how he's going to react when he found out that he ate human organs.

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