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SA Men sharing their opinion on Jub-jub and Amanda Du-Pont scandal and discussing assault in this country is unwittingly partitioning the country into camps, devotees and unbelievers. Yet, the more dangerous collecting is the doubtful but vocal fencesitter while trying to utilize the valid master approach.

This happens regularly when all kinds of people fault their cherished people for assault. They advantageously jump into "valid conversations" (as though law is inseparable from equity), quietly harming the cases of attack casualties. My motivation here isn't to give a lawful investigation that I don't have the foggiest idea, but to give a genuinely political investigation. In 2021, we really need to wonder why we want to reprimand people for sexual savagery.Moja Love suspends Jub jub following costs of assault and maltreatment by Amanda Du Pont. Jub Jub makes a risky case about Kelly Khumalo in his final meeting. Three unscripted TV dramas caused a combat and was a hit See: Unathi Nkayi unfollows Somizi Mhlongo and says they're not partners For what cause do you query her first nearly everyday response when an person of color is assaulted?

At the factor whilst we enjoy childhood in a South African town and listen that women are being assaulted by VIPs as young guys, women and young women demand that they want to face out enough to be noticed and exhaust the VIP's cash. One day in our sixth grade, I recall a young female in our group, perhaps a beginner at that factor, conducting monthly cycle.

We murmured to the younger guys and blamed them for laying down with the older. Her seat changed into loaded with blood. Also she was humiliated. We annoyed her for her by killing her and seeing her humiliation.


If Jub Jub really assaulted Amanda Du-Pont, what was she doing in prison and taking cossy pictures with him? And why was she silent all this time and come up with this as soon as his career starts paying? Please share your thoughts below and follow me for more insightful news

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