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The inappropriate way of transporting a dead person in Congo from remote villages angers everyone

This is how a dead body in Congo is transported to it's relative's:

- They're many ways of transporting a dead body, But what people are doing in Congo is a bit extreme and caught a lot of people by surprise. No one wasn't expecting something such as this would be happening in any other country.

- But to to our surprise a dark and disturbing way of transporting dead bodies to remote villages was discovered and it wasn't pretty as many would say. The pictures terrified a lot of people and put them under pressure.

On this picture, you can see two people sitting on the motorcycle. It may look normal at first glance, But in fact both of those sitting behind the rider are no longer alive.

They can not afford to hire a heasrse to take the bodies from the remote village to the morgue, the morgue itself been located very far from the village, people decide to wrap it with fabrics then sit it behind the rider so the rider takes it to the morgue.

The trip is said to last atleast more than 10 Hours in cases, because the village is very far from the city.

A lot of people didn't like seeing this kind of idea and went onto complain about it, the people went on to say that the government of Congo should take this matter seriously and assist they're citizens with proper burials. Here's what they said in the comments section.

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