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200,000 Want Permanent Residence In South Africa Amidst Zimbabwean Permit Issues

South Africa has become like Zimbabwe and we hope that is not an overstatement of the reality that we are facing in this country, and that things will take a turn for the better before it gets worse.

Zimbabwe Exemption Permit Holders Association has filed court papers asking the Gauteng High Court to grant permanent residence, everyone sympathizes with the Zimbabweans because it seems pike they are the only ones targeted by our authorities disregarding the fact that they are not the only foreign nationals in the country.

All those who will fail to renew their permits will change from lawful guests to illegal immigrants because of theur status, and it is very unfortunate considering that there are many Zimbabweans in the country who have been illegal and no one is addressing that issue.

Now roughly 200 000 Zimbabwe Exemption Permit holders want permanent residence but the first incident if them getting those permits were that their country was unsuitable for them, perhaps because of the injustices faced because of the former president who has sadly passed on now.

So many have no reason to fear going back to Zimbabwe at least since there is no real threat from the government, but there might be an economical threat whereby the people are not living up to their full potential owing to economic issues.

The Zimbabwe Exemption Permit allows Zimbabweans to work in South Africa, was suspended and then extended for the holders to have more time to apply for other permits or else face deportation or voluntary repatriation to Zimbabwe.

This is definitely something that they did not expect and everyone was getting very comfortable with the situation that we are facing in the country and we couldn't ask for anything more because the situation is worse for them, now the country is also in disarray.

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