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IN SHOCK|| Boy who went viral after being spotted doing this under street light gets a solar system.



Good Samaritans provide a solar system to a boy who went viral after being caught completing homework beneath a streetlight. 

A young youngster who was caught doing his schoolwork under the streetlights will no longer be required to do so because he has been given a solar system. 

Salim Khamis, a Grade Six student at Jola Urabi Primary School in Shanzu, Kenya, became famous after an environmentalist, Emmanuel Mbaji Mruu, recorded him doing his schoolwork under streetlights. 

His plight prompted well-intentioned individuals to band together to discover a method to assist him. 

Salim and his family received a solar system from well-wishers on Friday, September 17, as a result of their efforts. 

Salim was given a solar panel, a battery, switches, plugs, an inverter, and lamps by Gift A Girl Child Initiative to assist him and his siblings study and complete their homework even at night, according to Diana Chitsaka Mwangala of Gift A Girl Child Initiative. 

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Mruu, who initially uploaded Salim's images online at an electricals shop buying the aforementioned products, spread the happy news on Facebook by posting photos of himself alongside him. 

Diana expressed her gratitude to all of the well-wishers who helped her achieve her goal. 

“So far Soo Good we purchased a solar system,” she captioned photographs of herself officially giving off the things to Salim's family. Solar panel, batteries, switches, plugs, inverter, and light bulbs are all included in the kit. All of the lights will be turned on for our boy. 

He should be able to study without difficulty at home. Thank you very much for your kindness and support, my dear friends and family. GIFT A GIRL CHILD INITIATIVE, Diana Chitsaka, Team Leader and Founder 

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“I gave the boy's mother the solar system. The youngster was still a student at the time. Thank you to all of my Facebook friends who have always stood by me in support of our orphaned children. May the Lord fill the gap you left when you gave for the boy's support so that you do not go hungry. Guys, I appreciate it. THE FUND RAISING PROJECT IS NOW COMPLETE. Barikiweni sana, thank you. 

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Installs the btlsblog mobile app on Google Play: 13609357

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