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Enyobeni Tavern Owner In Trouble After The Teens From The School Nearby Marched To His Place

Enyobeni Tavern Owner In Trouble After This Happened

Date: 2022/06/30

Enyobeni Tavern owner asked to pack his bags and leave East London immediately for selling alcohol to children and making a mess of the situation by saying he was not there to sell children booze.

VIDEO: Moments before <a class=Enyobeni Tavern tragedy in East London - Ladies House"/>

One of the kids that died was only 13 years old, people in the community said that he was an extremely beautiful soul who they gave money to buy snacks time and again, they never knew he went to a party where Bev was sold and food was poisoned, he expected things to just be normal but that never happened.

The tavern owner's business will be shut down, he never stuck to the rules that the government set of not for sale to persons under the age of 18. One churchgoer in the community said that alcohol is a sin and it should not be sold in any community, we understand that the economy is difficult, but having to see children die like that is completely out of mind and sight, parents and school teens Marched to get that place shut that place down for good.

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The alcohol business was struggling during the lockdown, most guys resorted to starting selling to the children but even though they did it that way now the Enyobeni Tavern owner will have to pay the ultimate price.

The people of the community still want answers because it is their friends and neighbors that died from the stamped alcohol poisoning, some believe the food also might have been the cause of death for most of the children that ended up dying.

There are possibilities that when the autopsy results come out we will know the full story of what might have happened to the youth, back in the day they were getting killed by the police now it is alcohol abuse.


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