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Meet Kevin, An 11-Year-Old Boy Who's Said To Be Made Of "Glass "

You can only imagine the agony of a fracture when playing football or any other sport. Hundreds of fractures in various bodily areas can only be imagined.

This young boy's life was captured in a movie posted by Afrimax English named "the youngster made of glass." His height is that of a five-year-old, and he can't walk or do anything alone.

Kevin is escorted about by his brothers and mother Julianne. They also help him out. Kevin's illness twisted his wrists and feet.

Every time Kevin falls on the floor or is roughed up, his bones snap and fracture, earning him the nickname "Glass Boy." His health condition prompted the moniker.

Kevin was born robust and strong, but around the age of 4, his bones became weak and he began crawling. To get from one location to another, he needed help from his loved ones.

In spite of his parents' best efforts, Kevin's condition deteriorated. A tragic turn of events forced Kevin's mother to raise him and his brothers alone.

His mother generally leaves him a phone so he may call her in case he gets sick or needs anything.

His mother has already sold their home and most of her possessions to pay for Kevin's medical expenses. So his mother can get him a wheelchair, his mother has set up a GoFundMe campaign.

Only 10,000 cases of Kevin's illness are documented in Nigeria each year, according to studies. Kevin has OIAK (osteogenesis imperfecta). Difficulty with brittle

Defective collagen (a protein that strengthens the bones) causes brittle bones.

This weakens the bones, making them readily fractured. Having fragile bones, like Kevin, is caused by osteogenesis imperfecta.

Kevin had scores of fractures, which was quite painful.

Beyond bone fractures, brittle bone disease causes hearing loss, bodily stiffness, abnormal bone production, and growth retardation (small in stature).

It is possible to treat brittle bone disease using bone medicines, surgeries, and rehabilitation. Unless a miracle occurs, brittle bone condition cannot be treated. If not, the brittle bone condition may be permanent.

To avoid breaking bones, people with Osteogenesis imperfecta should avoid stressful situations or activities.

But his mother's care is an illustration of a mother's unending love, as shown in Kevin's situation.

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