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Sad| Garankuwa unoccupied buildings are being vandalised and destroyed, see pictures

By Nhlanhla Maseko

Garankuwa buildings of companies which are unoccupied located in Gauteng are being vandalized and destroyed.

According to Tsa Pitori Magazine, it is over 40 buildings belonging to different companies that have been vandalized so far. The material taken from those buildings are allegedly used by people to build their own shacks.

"Ever since security companies left their jobs due to non payment, people are vandalizing and looting this property to build their shacks. On the other hand, nyaope addicts are taking infrastructure such as Steel, poles, roofing to the scrap yard to generate money to feed their habit", a source said.

Mojalefa Pila who is a representative of Garankuwa Business Chamber said,"We are seeing a lot of vandalism. Over 40 companies have been destroyed in a space of two weeks. We have asked help from the Premier's office both from North West and Gauteng, appealing to them to help us concerning the cross border issue because it is creating a problem. This place is overrun by criminal elements and Nyaope victims are preying on spaces that are not utilized".

It is so sad to see buildings that can be used to create jobs for many unemployed people in South Africa being vandalized and destroyed. It was better if those vandalizing were busy making sure that the buildings are occupied so that people can work.Those who are found in posession of those building materials must be arrested and dealt with. Those buildings being unoccupied does not mean that they must go and destroy them. It's possible that companies that were in those buildings are still facing financial challenges and will soon be back when everything is going well.

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Garankuwa Mojalefa Pila Nhlanhla Maseko Tsa Pitori


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