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When Foolish People Try To Escape Prison

Source: (Top 10 Jailbreaks that Ended Badly)

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Many people don't appear to be aware of a fascinating fact about prisons: they're quite difficult to escape out of. This may appear arcane and enigmatic, but it's true. They construct those structures in order to keep people inside. Guards, walls, snipers, barbed wire, fences, moats, guard dogs, cameras, floodlights, and even seas are all designed to keep inmates contained until the system says otherwise.

Despite this, every year there are more attempts at escaping from prison than you can count. This results in a slew of failed prison break attempts, and here are a few of the greatest that went horribly wrong.

1. The Mask of the Daughter

Clauvino da Silva, the leader of the Red Command drug trafficking gang, devised an escape plan that was equal parts brilliant and ridiculous. He tried to flee Brazil's high-security Gericinó prison by dressing up as his daughter, camouflaging her face, and exiting via the front door.

When his adolescent daughter paid him a visit, she brought him an outfit of her own. It's unclear where the mask came from, but it's as convincing as it is creepy. Silva put on his daughter's clothes, put on the mask with the long black hair, and attempted to walk out the same way his daughter had come. It's unclear whether his daughter was complicit in the plot or simply thought her cooky father needed some teenage female attire.

In any case, Silva planned to leave his daughter in his place but the guards apprehended him.

2. Sidney da Cruz and Carlos Pereira tried to flee Brazil's Delegacia de Furtos jail by being tossed out with the trash. They hid in two garbage bags among the uneaten food and soiled plates until their lunch break was done. When a prison officer approached the bags to remove them, he noticed they were trembling. "At first I assumed there was a mouse," the guard who discovered them said, "but on closer inspection, I could tell it was two inmates disguised as bags."

3. Kenneth Burnum tried to flee the Hamilton County Jail in Tennessee in 2013. His intention was to just stand in for another inmate who was scheduled to be freed that day. When the name of the releasee was called out by the guards, Burnum went forward. He claimed to be the man, signed all of the required documentation, and even claimed the man's belongings. He was almost finished when he hit a snag. Officers noticed that the prisoner set to be released was black at his last stop. Burnum had a very white complexion. Burnum's sentence was lengthened, most likely due to his insanity.

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