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People left with stomach cramps after lady shared video of her son doing this. Click for video link

The local girl shared a video of her son enjoying himself alone in the kitchen.


Thato from Limpopo shared a video of how a bundle of joy recently spoiling himself on a tray of yogurt. The young man was smashing the whole pack of yogurt alone and he decided to open all of them at the same time. His mother found him while he was in the middle of his business, he didn't even show any remorse when he see his mother approaching.

The young man invited his mother to come to join him smash all those 6 yogurts. Thato mother of this young man was so disappointed and she didn't say much but watched him eating them, she even permitted him to finish all of them or there is gonna be hell to pay.

Well seems like a bundle of joy have been in this game for a very long period, he didn't disappoint his mother but not finishing them he finished all those yogurts and demanded more. Thato was surprised and she took her video to social media asking people how to deal with such a kid.

People laughed at Thato instead of giving her a solution to her problem, the videos were a bit little funny as a young man was showing more confidence when eating those 6 yogurts. What got people talking was when the joy of bundle demands more.

Thato says her child is 1 year 8 months now, and he is the second born. Her firstborn has been 5 years, together they are still young and they need to share as little as they can because I'm not working I'm trying hard to support them, Thato mentioned that in her statement.

People on social media advised Thato to take the child to creche, he won't have much time to be naughty. Everyone is still having stomach cramps after seeing the video.

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