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Young sangoma kills herself after resolving dispute with school over wearing traditional cloth

Traditional element of African culture have been demonized for many as Christianity became mainstream. It is simply the truth. Oftentimes, this view of traditional healers/sangomas can be difficult to overcome even for something important. This was the case for Mbalenhle Ngobese.

A school dispute may have lead to a young girl taking her life

1KZNTV News reported just two weeks ago about a learner who was being kept from school from the 15 of March until the time of reporting (13 June) simply because she had to wear a cloth for her ancestral calling. The principal was refusing her access to education and to her exams.

The issue was seemingly resolved after her mother had exhausted every avenue available to her to help. However, sadly, Mbalenhle commited suicide still despite this. The reason is still not yet known, we can only speculate.

My heart bleeds for this young sangoma whose only crime was being chosen by her ancestors. She was trying to get an education and an unfair system was prejudice against her and prevented this. I cannot image how her mother feels.

Social Media Response

People were unhappy with this turn events and how this story turned into a tragedy.

One user wrote, "I never understood why this was an issue in the first place. While I was an educator I taught more of the kids ezinedlozi. I never encountered any problem because my principal understood. I even had communication with some."

Whe another user wrote, "I'm really heartbroken by this 💔 I'm asking myself how long the discrimination of our beliefs and customs will continue. We're made to feel like foreigners in the land of our forefathers by this government and this apartheid system we are living under."

The Department of Education has since responded with a statement claiming Mbalenhle was back in school and that they don't know the cause of her committing suicide. They also sent condolences to the family.

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Source: 1KZNTV News

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