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Dangers Of Using A Wrong Surname Opinion

Surnames are very important when it comes to Africans because they connect us to our ancestors and they tell a history of where your people come from and everything you need to know about your family history.

In South Africa when it comes to surnames many mistakes are made due to lack of knowledge and how culture works. For one you can't use your father's surname if He is not married to your mother or if He has not paid lobola for you. In that case you must use your mother's surname because you belong there.

If you are using a wrong surname culturally things won't go well for you in life because your ancestors won't be able to communicate with you. And also won't able to protect and guide you.

Oftentimes our ancestors use dreams to communicate with us and if you are using a wrong surname it might be that they will struggle to reach you and hence that is why many don't remember their dreams or don't dream at all.

For an African child it is very important to know their family history and how it came to be that they are carrying a surname that they are carrying.

If you still have elders you should ask them about your family history e.g clan names and other surnames that you are related to etc. Because this is a very important information to know.

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