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SA attack Cyril that he attends funeral in EC but no response to petrol price in SA, see reactions

Apparently, he will be attending a funeral in EC of Enyobeni. Please le monyobe when you see him there.

We are tired of this gentleman. 

He is going to the funeral but has never addressed us about the difficulties we are facing with petrol price hikes and load shedding etc. etc. He was quick to address us about COVID-19. Get used to being led by 'this gentleman'. The Zumaites will never lead the ANC and this country. He never attended marikana massacre funeral, but he chose to attend this one. EC is Cyril’s playground, that’s where they get most of the ANC’s votes! Xhosas are disturbing, really. You can campaign as much as u like...u will DISMALLY fail. Jacob Zuma supported can make noise on Twitter, but outside they don't have any say. Twitter street are full of morons phela and reality is outside. Cyril was in KZN despite your calls, he received warm welcome. Don’t hold your breath, those EC zombies are useless stooges, The anger that you have towards president is toxic you almost forgot that we're mourning the death of our young people whom have just perish, but you're busy insulting us we are going to welcome our president with humility go on say whatever you want to say about us. 

EC wow YOU dreaming my sister HERE we support President Ramaphosa. It's YOU and this Mampara Andile who supports RET.

Come Monday, you will repeat my words. I think you should go there personally and lead with example. Do you really want examples or a change? I understand, you were just throwing some word for likes & retweets you just don't know what you want. It's okay, you will remain a brother to us. 

She will be enjoying NICE drinks with her DAD.

This EC not KZN, what happened in KZN last year won't happen here. EC is about the bereaved families, not for politics. Please people of EC, don't use this painful day to fight your Political battles. This family need support and this kid must be buried in dignity. Just for the families. 

EC is going to disappoint you again just like June 16 did, If you are a dog you will even politicize kid's funeral service, people are aggrieved and all this mgodoyi is thinking about is scoring political points. Dudu uyinja, period.


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