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"This Stage 6 Loadshedding Will Give Looters Ideas At Night" Dudu Zuma


Duduzile Zuma-Sambudla has once again made utterances which are interpreted to mean that she is indirectly inciting people to loot at night when there is loadshedding.

Her statement is not sincere at all especially looking at what happened last year in July where people went on a massive looting spree in Kwa-Zulu Natal and some parts of Gauteng province.

Eskom executives have been arguing that saboteurs have always wanted stage 6 of loadshedding to come into effect so that there will be massive uprisings and chaos in the country over power cuts.

"All I'm saying is this stage 6 loadshedding will give looters ideas especially at night," said Dudu Zuma.

Duduzile Zuma's utterances however have opened the flood gates of insults to be thrown at former president Jacob Zuma by his opponents.

"The Zuma family is a curse to this nation," some said.

"She learned from the best: Her father...They are living on our tax money that he looted," others fired shots at former president.

While Dudu Zuma's utterances cannot be tolerated, the constant power cuts in the country have tremendous impact on the economy which has started to slowly pick up it's pace after suffering heavily because of COVID-19 pandemic.

Some opine that the removal of former Eskom executives including Matshela Koko and Brian Molefe were rushed without a proper plan as to who was fit to take over.

They argue that this should also be a lesson to those calling for the removal of the ANC without having surety on which party will govern correctly.

"Some of us warned about the removal of Brian and Koko: do not remove them unless you know who you are going to replace them with. Another warning, don't remove the ANC unless you know what you want to replace it with, don't promote the removal of ANC but installation of its replacement," argues a social critic.

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