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Here are 8 scary images from the recent Ladysmith flooding that show you how bad the situation was.

Recently the Central Business District of the town of Ladysmith experienced major flooding. This came after heavy rains which caused the The Klip River to burst it's banks. Unfortunately this left many people in trouble as they had to evacuate their homes. Reports are stating that hundreds of people had to be accommodated in the Ladysmith indoor sports center. Here's are eight scary pictures that show the extent of this disaster.

The image above shows us how a river has taken over a road, prevent many vehicles from passing.

While many people couldn't pass through the flooded road, one man decided to swim across this flooded area.

Some people couldn't drive at all as their vehicles were partially submerged by there flood waters.

Here we see a rescuer help evacuate a family, as one of the members of the family opens the gate. The rescuer holds the baby high above the water.

As the waters rose, some people had to seek out higher ground. The people in this image chose to take refuge on a bridge.

While rubber dinghies, seen above, was dispatched to find people in dangerous or compromised situations and take them to safety.

These two ariel images show us the true extent of the flooding and how high the water really reached.

While this is a bad situation, we can be grateful that, according to reports, the people evacuated did have their basic needs met. They were provided with hot meals and basic supplies as well as mattresses to sleep on.

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