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It's payback time as taxi drivers allegedly burn 2 Somalian shops in retaliation

It's payback time as taxi drivers allegedly burn 2 Somalian shops in retaliation

While you're here, please follow me!

Yesterday's violence elicited a lot of debate around the burning of the taxis in Korsten in Eastern cape. The violence erupted after there was a collision between taxi and a private car! The road rage led into a "let's burn all these taxis" and Somali nationals were later seen parading the community with AK47s, ready for war!

If the Somali nationals were of the view that the taxi association and its drivers would take this lying down, the happenings of the evening caught them off guard! Two Somalian shops were set alight and it is alleged that the bombing of these two shops is linked to the happenings of the afternoon where taxis were burnt!

The shops, one in Kwazakhele and the other in Zwide were apparently targetted in arson attacks on Wednesday evening. Stunningly, the reporting around this incident paints the burning of the shops as being "xenophobic" while very little was said about the afternoon's happenings. Many South Africans are frustrated at the fact that they cannot voice out any injustices happening in the country without being labeled as xenophobic. Whatever foreign nationals do, South Africans are still expected to smile through it because if they don't, the "xenophobic" tag sticks back!

Those are terrorist actions by Somalians and if they're not dealt with decisively by our law enforcement agency's expect another riot cause it's gon be a chain reaction all over SA, Xenophobic attacks then looting. @YOLO_4_real

Nothing is Xenophobic...South Africans this is our country and we cant be called Xenophobic... We cant watch them do as they please in the name of Africanism... Enough with this....

Its not xenophobic to call out unlawfulness by foreigners. Siyadelelwa in our own country! Not only by Somalians. Remember how Nigerians chased away police, including a nyala in jhb cbd during a police operation? Which country allows this nonsense? [Our government is failing us and giving lawless foreigners the go ahead to thrive!] @SibuDlamini

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