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27 Year Old Teacher From Venda Allegedly Impregnanted A 12 Year Old Primary School Learner

Teacher are firbidden from having any form of sexual relationship with learners, they are encouraged to threat them just like their own kids, but these days, teacher are overlooking the rules and engage themselves in sexual activities with learners, some even go to an extent of impregnanting those kids.

Reports emerging suggests that a teacher from a primary school in the Limpopo province have allegedly been sleeping with a 12 year old whom he at the end made pregnant and nothing had been done about the matter.

According to a Tweet by Kamo Marven @kamo_marven, a 27 year old teacber from Thononda Primary School is working as if he did nothing wrong while the little 12 year old is heavily pregnant, despite having criminal charges laid against him, he is continuing with his duties and he is yet to be arrested.

"A teacher from Thononda primary school in Venda, Limpopo impregnated a 11 years old grade 7 pupil and the teacher is still continuing teaching at the school, the family opened a criminal case against him but he is still working and not arrested. I had to confirm this and the girl is indeed pregnant, th pictures of the girl is hidden for obvious reason and she is 12 years old not 11 years the teacher who impregnated her is 27years old," the Tweet reads.

One Wonders why is this teacher still working for the department when he has a pending case under his belt, one Wonders why he hasn't bee arrested, what should be done since the family have laid charges but nothing has been done by the South African Police Services.

A few months ago, a teacher from the in famous Mbilwi Secondary School was arrested for allegedly sleeping with a learner whom he reportedly sleot with repeatedly when she was still a minor, the teacher have since resigned while he is still in jail a waiting his bail hearing.


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