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Does South Africa have a Homophobia problem ?

These past two weeks have been gut-wrenching for any normal South African after gay people were murdered. Lindo died with a knife still stuck in his eye, with multiple stab wounds. Spha was beheaded with multiple stab wounds too. It's so sad that we have people who hate other people because of what they choose to do in their bedrooms. The question that why would anyone be bothered by someone who wants to be gay? they don't take anything from anyone except love a person they choose. Of course, we can choose the direction we want religiously, morally, or culturally but if anyone thinks their culture or belief is a better system why not convince other people to follow them?

The haterade in this country is too much, the hate for foreigners, for gays, for people from other provinces, for people from other tribes, for people of other races it's just too much. Our leadership is letting us down by not talking about these issues, political parties must promote those who are oppressed in society and come forward to condemn those who thrive on hate. Almost every week we see these viral videos of bullies in school, the dark-skinned girls bullied for their color, the overweight bullied, who teach our kids to hate?

Is this how a sane society operates? to hate someone you don't know and have never met, who don't eat at your house or have asked for anything? The murder of Lulu can't go unchallenged, we demand justice for Lulu. It's time our leaders stand up against haterade in this country for all minority groups. Where is the man in this country? In any normal society, no person would allow his or her fellow citizen to be abused or assaulted by anyone at their watch. I went to Zambia sometime in 2018 where I witness something we can learn as a country, one man who was a street trader was assaulted by a police officer, the people gather around demanding that the police officer must be arrested and fired. They couldn't let their own be oppressed on their watch, I think we should start defending our own people from vile human beings.

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