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Sh0cking: A 75-Year-Old Man Shot And Killed His 69-Year-Old Wife Then Turned The Gun On Himself

On Monday night; Zibonele Ngcobo (75); from K segment in Umlazi municipality south of Durban; in Kwazulu Natal; shot and killed his significant other Nokuthula Ngcobo (69); then, at that point, directed the firearm back toward himself.

Zibonele Ngcobo (75) and Nokuthula Ngcobo (69); passed on Monday.

Zamafuze Ngcobo (32); the older couple's girl said; they began noticing changes in her dad; a couple of months before the occurrence. Ngcobo said he began making statements they didn't comprehend.

He then, at that point, became suspicious and said certain individuals needed to kill him; not long after he began conveying his authorized weapon; which he had procured in his more youthful years.

Ngcobo let the neighborhood paper know that her dad began conveying his firearm in any event, when he went to chapel and continued to say certain individuals need him dead.

However he never said who those individuals were; he continued rehashing exactly the same thing. Ngcobo said; on a pivotal day; them three were sitting together staring at the TV around 21:30.

Her dad began yelling at Ngcobo and her mom, and inquired as to whether they didn't understand that it was late; he educated them to turn off the TV and rest. They agreed.

Ngcobo said she was in her room snoozing; when she heard two shots; however at that point she excused it as something coming from the road and kept on dozing.

Ngcobo says the following morning; she woke up around 0700 a.m. also saw that her folks were still sleeping; this baffled her since the two of them as a rule woke up ahead of schedule.

She thumped on the way to check whether they were okay, however there was no response; she then, at that point, attempted to open the entryway yet it was locked from within.

She then, at that point, attempted different entryways inside the house, yet they were completely locked; this is the point at which she began to frenzy and attempted to utilize one of the windows to escape the house to look for help from the neighbors.

At the point when she was outside the house and strolled past her parent's room; she attempted to open their window, however got a shock of her life to see them lying in pools of blood.

The representative for the SAPS in Kwazulu Natal; Colonel Thembeka Mbele said; the Bhekithemba police headquarters officials; at Umlazi; have opened an examination agenda for homicide and one more for the demise of an individual.

For what reason would such an elderly person; murder his own better half; then, at that point, direct the weapon back toward himself? It seems like they had been together for quite a while; which is displayed by their 32-year-old girl; so what turned out badly?

The stunning demonstrations of orientation based viciousness (GBV); by men are stressing.

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