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Beware : Popular New Crime Trend In Johannesburg CBD

Market Cnr Mooi Str. Joburg Cbd.

This is kind of a new trend that is being used by perpetrators of crimes to pull off their robberieds and it seems like it works all the time because the motorists would be stuck between vehicles and they would not have the opportunity to move on, and also the shock of being attacked in broad daylight is something that is alarming especially when you least expect it.

We know that South Africa especially Johannesburg, has one of the highest crime rates in the country meaning that whenever you are in this city you are supposed to look out for your safety first before you think about the destination that you are going to because perpetrators of crimes are always lurking.

The suspects are very skilled in their craft that they will to single out the individuals who belong and the ones who are seemingly out of place or confused and looking for a place to go to, and they target those individuals who are least experienced with being in the city if the usual city victims are probably not present.

This crime has been perpetrated for a very long time and the police have not till this day deployed any police force to guard the citizens in the CBD, however we must give them credit for placing some officers in several places but it is not enough we need police visibility in order to stop this crime.

This is called a smash and grab where the perpetrators of crimes take a brick and smash it into the windscreen of your vehicle and then proceed to do as they please including stealing your phones, and anything else that they can carry and proceeded to walk away from the crime scene because they know that the victims won't follow them.

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