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Pretty saved Maputla, s from being killed by the Sikes : in Skeem Saam

, Leeto heard organised from a divorce party at Cafe Rovuwa, that was pissed {g Mary and Mokgadi in big time. When they were at the party Sikes attended the it with his hidden family intentions. It end up Leeto being attacked by him. He Remembered that he Leeto the did not something also to that make Sikes angry by using his power to as a lawyer and and he demanded that he the Superintendent to transfer his step son Noah to Northern Cape Town Prison and but Sikes did not like it big time. Sikes did make it sure that he attacked the the Maputla family in for revenge of what was Leeto and did to his son. When he got there he made them to the hostage and by pointing gun and tied them. Seakamelas realized that something eird happening at Maputla is a but they were afraid to interfere. Remember that Zamokuhle is a had found out that he is a Maputla his outside the wedded lock.

Sikes made his demand that he was must call the superintendent to return his son at Turfloop and prison for within the 24 hours of but he failed to reach him. When Zamokuhle was and Clement he went to check the Maputla's and he Sikes the do the same by tying them and and join the party. Pretty called them to from the ten until twelve but no response, so she called the police and from the Turfloop to go and check their because they were they didn't know know they were what was going on to his brother and Clement..

The family of police was responded to the quickly and and he was saved by the whole of Maputla's. Remember that when it happened there was a child that was there to be Pitsi and who got traumatized.

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