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Road Accident

Check out what people noticed about this granny ID card who is 128 years old

On this day and age, it's still surprising that some people are still able to live past the age of 100, with all the ailments that are currently ravaging the world, not to mention COVID.

Not to mention the traffic accident, abusive partners, and killings in the world today.

However, it is true that there are individuals who have reached the age of one hundred and are still fully functional.

In light of this, I'd like to introduce you to my grandmother, who is supposedly from 1894, making her 128 years old. This is an extremely rare occurrence in today's society, and if you were to ask her for her secret, many would advise you to eat healthfully and abstain from alcohol and drugs; some would even suggest drinking herbal tea.

Initially, the guy claimed the granny was 176 years old, but later changed his claim to 128 years old after people noticed the date appears to be tampered with. It seemed to me that her age couldn't be so high.

Source:\s /status/1525481295056359424?t=VVBgVsE38zxZaKUK5z61Cg&s=19

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