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[Sensitive visuals] Robbery at a private school in the Johannesburg CBD, has Mzansi knees shacking

Video of Robbery at Private School in Johannesburg Worries Mzansi

An anti-crime activist, sent a disturbing video to Twitter. The video depicts a robbery at a prestigious school in Johannesburg's CBD.

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(This video of a group of men robbing a school in Johannesburg has gone viral online. Image: @Abramjee Source: Twitter)

The video is only 54 seconds long, but it has terrified many South Africans. The video begins with a group of men carrying documents towards what looks to be a receptionist's desk. A man in a green jersey moves around the desk to a woman's seat, displaying his weapon.

The three men begin rummaging through her desk for items. The terrified woman reclines in her office chair, attempting to avoid them. The man with the green jersey pushes her to sit under her desk near the end of the video.

The video is not for sensitive viewers

(To watch video, Click on the link at the bottom of the article)

@WasteManSA said:

"I think 70% of South African women are still traumatised because of criminals doing this to them."

@fred_Baloyi shared:

"I feel sorry for what the lady had to go through. We are not safe any more. These guys can strike anywhere, anytime. Let's be vigilant."

@phaladir wrote:

"Crime has become another form of shopping in South Africa, just that it's free."

@thirsty_sphe responded with:

"They must fire the security guards."

@lindsaymanthey tweeted:

"Need to tighten up their security."

@Sparkleberrie suggested:

"Businesses should lock doors and reserve the right to entry, crime is completely out of control."

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Robbery at a private school in the Johannesburg CBD, has Mzansi knees shacking

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Click the link below to watch the full video:

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