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VIDEO: Grandson speaking English with his grandmother

The grandson was with his grandmother during the week, and he missed her. He finally got to her, hanging around the house and taking videos with her the entire day. He was excited about the whole encounter and viewers said that they are loving their relationship.

Her grandmother did not really want to take selfie videos with him, but her grandson was only happy for the moment. She told him that they really can't see that she is old and, she can't keep up with them and she is doing things at her own pace. What he did caught much attention.


"Can't you see l am no longer active" and she needs proper balance when using a walking stick? said the grandmother. She said it in their home language, which confused a lot of people who are not familiar with Sepedi. He says you are not TEKATEKING grandmother. Many people wanted a translation.

She simply means she is no longer that balanced like them because she is old and her grandson has to take it very easy with her. They were busy taking trash to the dustbin, and that is when it happened, along the way to the rubbish bin, while he was capturing a video clip of themselves.


It was almost dark when it occurred in Limpopo. The young man is speaking the English language very fluently, and wherever he is learning, is a good school for him to be well spoken. It is the 2000 language based on how he mixed English and his native tongue.


1. Tumi: This video won't get old for me. 

2. Mavu: I hope this young king had a beautiful week. 

3. Miss Diko: I am sorry grandmother, that part is cute. 

4. Zungu: Can someone please translate for me? 

5. Kealoboga: Grandmother requests that he should not bother her because she is not as active as he is.


It is a slang language that many may not understand if you can not keep up with them. Everything in South Africa has something that is trending at the moment. Just like the terms used, everyone's generation has theirs and it goes with their music.

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