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Should the owner of Enyobeni owner have his license revoked? || OPINION.

Over the years we've seen so many tragic mass deaths happen here in South Africa such as the Marikana shootings and the Sharpville shootings, but we haven't seen anything as mysterious as the events that took place over a week ago in the Eastern Cape at a bar called Enyobeni.

22 children all under the age of 20, collapsed and passed away mysteriously while inside the tavern which has become one of the most popular spots after the deaths of these young kids.

The whole country has been left shocked and in need of answers as to what might have transpired in that club that night, and what killed those children in such a mysterious way?

Well, the lack of answers as to what might have happened has left a lot of people to speculate on what could have happened that caused the kids to pass away mysteriously like that. Some people have gone on to blame it on the owner of the club, as they speculate that he might have used supernatural things, while some say it could have been poison.

While the use of poison could be possible, it still doesn't explain how the children could have taken it or if it is a drug, all 22 kids can't die from a drug or poisoning, some would have probably survived long enough to be taken to the hospital.

Should the Owner of this club lose his trading licence over this, the short answer is yes, and that is because there need to be investigations that are held to get to the bottom of this.

If he was to continue operating that could potentially put other people in danger also as we still do not know the risks that the 22 kids were exposed to.

While the parents still mourn the deaths of their children, an autopsy is being conducted on the corpses to see what could have caused their deaths, maybe this might give their parents closure.

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