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Lady Embarrasses Herself In Public After People Spotted This On Her Back

Being a kid is plain and easy life, and we kid can do as they please. But things takes a turn as we grow older, some things are better left behind. Things we used to do or those we used to love, we can't tag them along as we get old. Let's take cartoons for an example, we would have action figures or clothes which represents our favourite cartoons. But you can't have those things when we are old.

A photo of a lady has made waves on social media, and she turned herself into a laughingstock. On the photo below we can see a group of people having fun at a party and everyone seems happy and enjoying themselves. This photo looked innocent until Twitter friends spotted something strange from a lady on the photo. The lady seemed to be minding her own business until Twitter gave her a different look. She was wearing a red dress which is somehow transparent, and it revealed her underwear which has a SpongeBob cartoon drawn on it.

Many people wonder why this lady chose to wear that in public, as to wear cartoon clothing at her age. Many Twitter users made funny comments towards this lady, someone said that SpongeBob was looking for Patrick, his friend. "She should have worn some square pants" a Twitter user said. Adults of today have a tendency of wearing clothes which don't fit their age but those which belongs to youngsters. Some wear clothing which are too revealing, and they want to act young hoping to get noticed. Let's read some comments below.

If you are a teen, you should dress and act like a teen and when you are matured you should wear and act like an adult.

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