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What people spotted in the hand bag of this lady got lot of people talking

Most of women love taking pictures when they are vaccinations, restaurant or when they are dressing nice.

A beautiful lady caused a stir after taking a very nice picture and post it on Social media without checking first if everything it's cool on her pic. People stopped R50 in her hand bag and start commenting and sharing her picture just to embarrass her.

The are people who don't want to carry hard cash with them but they swipe everywhere they go. That means that they have money in their accounts not in their bags. The are also ladies who goes to the restaurant or clubs without having money for buying what they want but having money for transport.

The lady on the picture is the one who advertise champagne on 161 so people are laughing at her because they spotted R50 in her hand bag. They are comparing her with those beautiful ladies who just bath and go to the restaurants and clubs without having money knowing that there will be other people who will come and buy for them.

The pictures got a lot of shares and comments. Some were commenting negative things while other's were just insulting the innocent girl.

Here are people's comments on the picture.

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