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Watch: Your day could not have been bad as what these two people had here

From time to time every person has a bad day in their life and this is something that we as people can't escape. Bad days come when you least expected, as what you will witness here.

In this video you will see two people who were in a car driving in a high way. It seemed that the person who was driving may have been tired of driving, as they decided to switch side when they were in a traffic jam.

As they were switching sides they closed both doors of the car to go to the other sides of the car. However when they were opening the car doors they found out that both doors were locked.

And now you could also see that there were a number of cars who were behind them in the road. Surely they may have panicked in this situation when they found out they was no way of getting into the car.

This must have been one of their worst days ever, as they will surely not forget what had happened here. Some people on social media were even blaming the engineers who made this car, as they said how could these car doors lock when the car key in still in the ignition.

Surely now these people would have called for a towing company to tow this car. Maybe these people could have been rushing somewhere and maybe to work. Where ever they were going they will surely arrive late. Other people on social media even shared that this has also happened to them and some now even say when the leave their car keys on the ignition they always open the car window just in case something like this also happens to them.

Here are some of the comments that people on social media made after seeing what happened here.

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