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It's Going To End In Tears For Zimbabweans In Limpopo, This Is What Residents Are Planning To Do

Thousands of Zimbabweans live in South Africa, both legally and illegally. This is due to the fact that their home country is not up to par, and many of them are living in abject poverty. As a result, they moved to South Africa in search of better opportunities, higher living standards, and work opportunities to support themselves and those they left behind.

But since many of them come to South Africa yearly, South Africans have not been happy with their presence in the country. This is because they get to enjoy government benefits that are meant for the citizens of the country. Some of them get opportunities that are meant for citizens of the country, and some of them also commit crimes.

A Zimbabwean guy was caught just a few days ago after it was determined that he murdered roughly seven women in Limpopo. The nationality of this individual has enraged residents even more, particularly those in Limpopo, who have claimed that they no longer want Zimbabweans in the area. Some fear that what has happened may lead to xenophobic violence, with innocent Zimbabweans earning a living and loving their nation with integrity becoming targets of enraged community members.

And the people of Limpopo have reportedly told Zimbabweans living in their areas until December to go, and they have indicated that they do not want any of them to return because if they do, they would be forcibly removed.

Many individuals believe that, as a result of what the Limpopo has planned for them, Zimbabweans will ultimately leave South Africa.

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