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Tsotsi Part 2 : Hijackers Try To Kidnap A Child As They Take A Newly Bought BMW SUV

Carjacking at Briardale Crèche at Newlands, this is incredibly insane that the suspects wanted to kidnap a child during the hijacking it is clear that they have gone out of control and need to be brought down so that they can understand not to infringe on the rights of other people.

This morning around 06:45 the mother went to drop her child at the crèche Briardale , Newlands. Little did she know that the day would turn so badly with the perpetrators of crimes points their firearms at her as well as her child of course she tried to plead with the suspects but they were very adamant in their ways.

She was accosted by armed African males and they pointed firearms at her and demanded the keys to her car, she had no choice but to hand over the keys for fear of getting shot by the suspects and having her life taken away from her at such a young age and considering that this is a car that can be replaced she hurried along to try to get the hijacking over with so that she can go home safely.

They also wanted to put her forcefully in her car and take her child with, if it wasn't for the help of passersby who knows what could have happened in this incident that is very tragic.

The community noticed this incident and started to scream at these carjackers and they drove of with her new White SUV BMW and had garage plates on It, this is a very new vehicle that the owner had recently purchased so she did not know a lot about the information on it and whether or not it has a tracking device installed.

So they ended up leaving the mother and child behind, right now Slovo members, the SAPS and Trackers are searching for this vehicle and they are also asking for members of the public to come forward with any information which may lead to its recovery.

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