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Warden Arrested For Not Fixing The Country But Ruining It



It is quite sad to know someone who is trusted by the community to protect and keep them safe around in the one who ha e been destroying people's lives. There are different types of drugs found in South Africa from a (Snyman) drug dealer which have a negative impact on one's health and also impacts the country negatively as it affects economically. There a different types of substances mostly used in South Africa like alcohol ,marijuana,cocaine, nyaope (whoonga) ,crystal math and heroin .


A warden from Paxton prison in eMalahleni was caught in possession of drugs worth R1 million and an undisclosed amount of money in a house inside of the prison premises .It shows that there is no high security in South African prisons if people can run illegal trade within their premises.

Author's Opinion

Some of the prisoners ended up in jail because of these substances like drinking and driving which has led to the death of many innocent souls . The use of the other substances had led to too many house robberies, rape and other extreme crimes. What does this incident shows about the correctional service system? They probably do not want the prisoners to correct their wrong doing which makes them to still be danger to the community.

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