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Road Accident

Accident | You Will Not Believe The Number Of People Who Got Out Of This Van

Accidents are always undesired events caused undesired actions, and in most cases, accidents expose more details about the people who are involved and sometimes even the hidden causes of these accidents. A CCTV cought one of those weird accidents on camera, lucky it seems as if no one was injured from the video, and from the video we can clearly see that the van did not collide with any car, it collided with the barricade on the left side of the road, and luckily, the van did not rollover in this accident which would have caused more damage

The biggest shock on this accident is not the fact that it is an accident, but what happens after the accident. People who were inside the van started exiting it as it was smoking, again, whom am I kidding, it was an accident, of cause they had to get out. The number of people that got out of this van is what's really shocking, first of all, these vans are not designed to carry passengers, but after this accident, more than 20 people got out of the van

Watch the video below and count for your self

This whole incident raises a lot of unanswered questions, from the way things looks like in this video, one could suspect human trafficking, if you watched the video to the end, you can also see that the people who got out of this van immediately got away from the accident scene, I don't know whether they were escaping or not, but the whole incident looks suspicious

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