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Child support grants should be increased to R1050 because children Are Worth More. [Opinion]

In our country, the measure of jobless individuals is extravagantly high so much that watchmen get social advantages as they are the major beneficiaries, so they need to manufacture it to R1050 so parental figures and kids can resolve central issues, as there are no responsibilities and essentials. Consequently they decrease desperation, as I see that the cash should save them, and since we are dealing with another issue that few parental figures won't be hurt as they dread that any spot they might be polluted. 

President Cyril Ramaphosa should mean aiding lively with peopling to help Sassa with expanding R1050 as infant youngsters are costly, particularly spoils since solutions, treats, milk and pieces of clothing ought to be purchased like a watch over the long haul, considering how they are developing so quick. Besides, as I said, altogether more individuals won't be driven later on, as individuals are making adolescents since they will require better cash or enough cash to get their families. 

Try to follow me and I will get back with you!! 

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