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Road Accident

Feels like someone tempered with our death date

It is clearly concerning how people pass on like they are leaves falling from a tree.

A lot of people are terrified at how people leave their homes to work and comeback in a coffin. The graveyard has become more like a mall were different kind of people visit everyday.

It is painful to see mothers burying their children whereas it should be the other way around where children are burying their parents. At this rate it seems going out of your home to work and coming back alive and in one peace has been proclaimed a miracle.

Already Covid has been taking our loved ones left right and centre which is considered much, then we'll hear all about car accident and gunshot deaths. It more painful and sickening.

We've seen that our only weapon when we leave our homes it's not those masks but it's prayer. Only God can protect us from this.

Mr Mthokozisi said that he also belief that our death dates are tempered with. He also said that the mass death are frightening since we also don't know when is our date and can be tomorrow

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Covid Mthokozisi


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