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"Either We Sell Out Or Be Remembered" Man Expose What PPE & SARS Corruption Whistleblower Last Said

"Either We Sell Out Or Be Remembered" Man Expose What PPE & SARS Corruption Whistleblower Last Said.

Over the years, the average black child in South Africa has been raised under the narrative that black people should never speak up for their rights or should take every pressure from tyrannical leaders and be suppressed. This extends down to the media outlets who end up lying about the truth in order to please leaders, whilst truth saying journalists are shut down.

However thankfully in recent years ordinary people on social media and those who work as journalists in media houses are coming out speaking for the rights of the ordinary man and are not taking no for answers to questions that should have a yes. One of those journalists who aren't afraid of being bullied is bone other than Mashaba Rampedi.

Rampedi rose to fame for exposing PPE corruption and the corrupt rouge unit of the SARS system. This of course happened in April 2020 during the lockdown where he revealed how the Limpopo Department of Health awarded a KZN company a R185 million contract to supply Covid-19 PPE despite it not appearing on the official database of suppliers. And a rough unit of the SARS.

He further trended and got bashed, shut up for allegedly reportong the true story of how legitimate the Tembisa 10 mother's story saying it was indeed true she gave birth to the decuplets. Which was later found out to be a very planned child trafficking ring.

Amazingly yesterday turned out to be Mr Rampedi's birthday and Mzansi couldn't hold back to celebrate him with od much love. Most outstanding of all posts was a tweet from his friend that states expressly how Rampedi put his life in the line in order to speak the truth, revealing what he last said before going public with the cases.

The tweet made by Modibe Modiba states;

"Happy Birthday to Mahasha Rampedi.

The one who unraveled the PPE corruption, the one who exposed the SARS Rogue Unit. Our bigger brother, 'I remember him calling Thabo & I telling us either we sellout and live in Sandton' or get remembered by the masses."

Hundreds of South Africans have taken to different posts to appreciate him and his efforts to bring the truth to light. Even as they wished Rampedi a happy birthday, they also requested him to release a second part of the Tembisa 10 story for the ordinary man.

Here are some reactions below;

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