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"I Was Accused Of Sleeping With Demons For Giving Birth To Albinos By My Husband And His Family "

These children were born with albinism, which began a long and traumatic story for their mother; they were teased at school, in the neighborhood, and pretty much everywhere else. Because of these youngsters, even their father's family was able to find down their mother across the country.

They said she was making extraterrestrial life forms, which frightened her to the point of suicide. Despite this, the youngsters in her care are exceptionally talented.

Fear is a crippling emotion that affects us all, yet facing it head-on is essential to achieving success. Make sure you don't abandon your goals or your dreams will abandon you.

Upon discovering my first child was an albino, I was shocked because it was the first time I'd ever seen an albino," the mother recalls. People began approaching me and saying all sorts of horrible things, and I became afraid and convinced that I was the root of all evil in the world.

However, I remained unfazed, and even my own spouse began to doubt the existence of our children as a result of my perseverance. When I delivered the second, they told me I'd given birth to something else; they wouldn't even call it a child this time, instead calling it a thing.

Every one of them kept repeating unpleasant things like, "I slept with demons," "I slept with wicked spirits," and other things of the sort. Because they knew he produced albinos, and they believed it would bring bad luck to the firm, it even affected my husband to the extent that whenever my husband went to apply for a job, he would be refused.

My husband became even more enraged when my in-laws refused to acknowledge that these were their grandkids because of various stories about the children.

In an attempt to find solace after dealing with so many bullies, I went to church, but I was met with a resounding rejection. There were a lot of people and members of his family who told him that I was the root of all of this, so when they did, he got angry and turned it on me.

As far as I'm concerned, the problem is all mine. He says I betrayed his trust by making up stories about sleeping with demons. No matter what I do, I'm terrified I'll lose my husband because of his behavior.

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