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Big story: A Lady who own a bottle store shot and killed by 4 Handful Zimbabweans men in diepsloot


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A number of Zimbabweans living in South Africa each year keep on rising every year. Others trespass through the illegal way in the borders. Many of them come to South Africa to make a living. They come seeking for jobs and food as their country doesn't more job opportunities. In other instances there are others who come and start being involved in criminal activities as a result of theft and other acts of criminality.

South africans in many occasions has always been trying to chase Zimbabweans back to their country as some of them continued to exploit materials and businesses of South Africans. In diepsloot A tarven owner was shot and killed by Handful 4 Zimbabweans men who were robbing the place. It was said that the community members managed to hold them hostage and start taking the law onto their hands until police arrived and rescued the culprits.

Members of diepsloot are calling for removal of all Zimbabweans as they are seek and tired of criminal activities done by Zimbabweans in diepsloot

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