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3 Zimbabwean Robbers Killed Via Mob Justice Yesterday In Tembisa

The robbers were killed and burner at Winnie Mandela section, Zone 05 in the afternoon next to the Clinic. According to the community, they were smuggling and robbing people around the area and they had just finished robbing someone and the community gave a chase. All robbers are said to be Zimbabwean, Tembisa residents are fed up and they decided to take action against the criminals.

The government seems not to be taken serious action against criminals despite their level of crime that they commit, and it hurts South African citizens especially when it’s coming from foreign nationals. Foreign nationals do not commit such crimes in their own countries because of the laws, but they come here in South Africa and do whatever they want knowing very well that they will not stay in prison for long.

Which is why people get very furious because they feel like those people are taking advantage, police are also failing to do their job.

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