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Story of school girl returning millions is false news

A picture of a young girl has been making rounds on social media after speculations that she allegedly took R4million to the police station that she found randomly on the street.

Social media user's were fuming and extremely dissapointed by this young girl, more especially as we approach the festive season. The young girl was later awarded a certificate of being a "good citizen."

However, the police man standing beside the young lady has confirmed the story of R40m to be false news. This young girl and her fellow schoolmates were given certificates at school after completing youth activites. ZandileExcel (on twitter) is the person who wrote the post for unknown reason.

Many social media user's were more relieved than furious to know the story is not true, while some felt that the story just did not make sense from the beginning.

Never in the word of celebration have we ever rejoiced this much on misleading information as Mzansi. No lies, this literally had us all breathing through the wound and wishing to step upon such luck. It has been a rollercoaster month!

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