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Plane Crash

Boy Caught Hiding In Airplane Engine: 2 Things That Could Have Happened

During a trip to the airport, an airport security guard discovered a young boy hiding in the plane's engine. An African boy reportedly tried to flee the country. As a result, he decided that the best place to hide would be inside the plane's engine.

In his mind, he envisioned that he would safely land the plane. He was apprehended, though, which was a bummer. In the past, there have been incidents like this, and it appears that people are either unaware of the danger or are too desperate to care about it.

It's possible that both of these things would have happened if the boy hadn't been caught.

1. He could have died.

No matter how safe it seems to him, the area in which the boy has taken cover is one of the most perilous in which to be.

A narrow passage allowed him to squeeze into the engine. The propeller is located in the engine section. Just like an oscillating fan, the propeller has blades that can slice him in half.

It is possible that the fan in the engine would have started rolling if the plane took off while he was there, resulting in his death.

In the event that he somehow manages to avoid the fan, which is extremely unlikely, he might as well fall from a high altitude. Furthermore, he's clearly not equipped with a rescue device like a parachute. Even so, it would have ended in tragedy either way.

2. The malfunctioning of an airplane

His presence in the plane's engine, which houses the propeller, could do even more harm. To move forward in the air, airplanes are equipped with propellers.

When the plane was in the air, his body could have gotten stuck and caused the plane to malfunction, resulting in a catastrophic crash. This will result in more deaths, and he will be a part of them.


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