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Road Accident

They requested a Bolt ride then hijacked the driver and put him in the boot of another person

Bolt drivers are in trouble now the hijackers can now access bolt request without being tracked down, here is what happened to this Bolt driver yesterday.

They requested a Bolt driver then hijacked him when he was about to drop them off to their destination, when he stopped the car they pointed a gun on his head and told him to get into the boot.

In side the boot there was another person who was also hijacked before him, Lucky the Bolt driver has a tracker and the vehicle was recovered by the car tracker and Tshenolo Privete investigators, the two victims were found unharmed later on that day and this is how bad crime is now.

Criminals take advantage of every business in the country and people will fear to start business because of the crime in South Africa, the police will investigate using the information on the bolt app and find out if they can link to the suspects.

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