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Days that you can collect your R350 SASSA Grant at post offices.

The South African social help awards are circulated by means of various techniques. One of the more famous techniques individuals to decide to get to their award cash is through the mail center. 

The South African Post Office (SAPO) has assigned days during the month when various awards are circulated to general society. 

The Social Relief of Distress (SRD) award, famously known as the R350 award, doesn't have an assigned day for dispersion. In any case, the SRD award isn't conveyed on days when other social alleviation awards are circulated. 

The other social awards are ordinarily disseminated in the main seven day stretch of the month. For November, the dates for these awards have as of now passed. 

The Post Office said... 

In case you are going to gather your R350 SRD award, the last 3 digits of your ID number gives the day on which you can visit a Post Office. 

Mondays: 084 and 089 

Tuesdays: 080 and 085 

Wednesdays: 081 and 086 

Thursdays: 082 and 087 

Fridays: 083 and 088 

SRD award recipients are as yet asked to hang tight for a SMS illuminating them that their cash is accessible. This would forestall SRD award candidates from going to the mail center and being dismissed.

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