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(OPINION) The Black Society Is The One That Should Be Blamed For The Enyobeni Deaths (man narrates)

Now that Roughly 48 hours has come and gone ever since we heard of the unfortunate incident which took place Enyobeni tarven wereby over 20 lives of young boys,girls were lost at a tarven and people are still out here debating on who is to be blamed between the parents and the tarven owner, Well there's a video making rounds online wereby one-man went live addressing that situation and it seems like the person who is to be blamed for an incident like that is every black adult. See the video here, As much as a lot of us may hate to hear this, Truth is as black parents we are the ones which have led our younger generation into thinking that alcohol is life and there ain't such thing as a celebration without alcohol, I mean look at it this way we drink at parties, We drink at funeral gathering and almost every form of gathering including those of religions sometimes, 

So now truly speaking we cant be drinking every weekend from the morning till sun set and expect out kids to have a different perspectives of alcohol i mean charity begins at home after all, If we were not prioritizing alcohol as much as we doing lately there's no way those kids would have seen going to have thier pensdown party at a tarven a good thing when there's parts,restaurants and other public spaces available and safe for them

So now with all this being this being this way what is it that you have to say as an individual and most importantly what is it that you think we really need to see to it that we don't end up having to deal with another incident like this is future? I mean December is around the corner and kids will be looking forward to party and drunk hard

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Black Society Is The One The


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