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They Stole This BMW And Parked It In My Yard, Please help (lady cries)

Well although it is a none arguable fact that if ever one happen to loose their car to the thugs through car hijack or theft the car never gets back to its owner, It seems like one owner who has recently lost a white BMW has just being one lucky owner who will get their ride after they have lost it.

Well what happened was that, A certain lady who goes by the name of Nthabiseng Mosoeu from Katlegong in the Gauteng province has took it to social media that a white German Machine was dumped at her parents house last night by who are suspected to be the thugs.Take a look at the pics attached below to see how the ride looks like.

According to Nthabiseng this car was dumped/parked last night and nothing much is known about it and with things being that way herself and her parents decided to hand it to the police.So bow if you are out there and you happen to know who the owner could be please do see to it that you let them know that the Katlegong Police Station is were they gonna find thier German machine please.

Bare in mind that nobody knows the reason why the guys decided to dump it into somebody's yard yet and such could mean that maybe it was involved in certain criminal acts and them parking it there was just one of their plans to frame someone and get away with whatever they could have done.So as citizens of Mzansi if you happen to wake up to a car do not get tempted to touch or testdrive it for that can end you into some serious trouble if it happens that it was used for any criminal acts and you don't report it but get caught with it 


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