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Check The Scene of The Female Police (Mbali) Shot and Killed

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It is so sad when we hear that someone was killed because of issues related to dating and cheating.

News surfaced today that there is a female officer that was shot and killed in diepkloof, Soweto.

Here's What happened:

voice notes were shared online of the people who knew about the police officer and her love affairs.

The people on the voice notes mentioned that the female police officer was married to another man but they had some struggles in their relationship.

The female officer then got into a relationship with another man who was doing trading and rich from running businesses such as properties and apparently he also had three garages.

The name of the man above was identified as Vumile and the female officer as Mbali.

People on the voice notes continued and said that Mbali's husband have been warning Vumile to stop dating his wife as he is causing problems for them.

Vumile was allegedly also attacked in such a manner before but managed to break through the first time.

The other person on the voice note said that Vumile then hired security guys to protect him for almost six months.

Attackers of Vumile then stopped looking for him and then the user said that the security was no longer seen with him as maybe he was starting to feel safe.

The other person on the voice note was heard saying that the Husband then shot the two of them in Soweto while they were driving together, and later shot himself.

This is a very heavy story and it seems like the users on social media feel the pain in both ways, in the husband's perspective and also in Mbali's side.

The other speaker on the voice note also said that Vumile did not deserve to die for a girl in Diepkloof as he was rich and could get any girl anywhere.

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